Calibration Kits (Short, Offset, Through and Load)

GIW calibration kits contain all the necessary components to fully calibrate your vector or scalar analyser for everyday waveguide measurements. We can customise these kits to your requirements

A typical kit contains:

  • waveguide to coax transition (N, SMA or K type)*
  • offsets
  • shorting plate
  • fixed load**
  • any necessary screws and ancillaries

*  one transition for scalar or two for vector
** sliding loads also available

Specifying the kit...

Please contact us if you need assistance - typically this would include

  • connector type for the waveguide to coax transition
  • analyser - vector or scalar (number of transitions needed)
  • offset type (i.e. 1/8 and 3/8 wavelength or (0 and) 1/4 wavelength
  • any special requirements e.g. addition loads for isolation measurements etc