Option letterPlatingnote: other plating materials are available
AtinTin sits mid way between aluminium and brass in the anodic index and so is a good choice between brass and aluminium waveguide components, (or where the the interface material of a particular installation is not known)
BsilverNote that some brighteners used in the plating process reduce the conductivity of the plated part to that similar to aluminium. Global Invacom Waveguide avoid this problem by using pure silver - which has a whitish appearance. This is prone to cosmetic marking which does not detract from it’s electrical properties. The surface smoothness is not as good as some other finishes which might be an issue if used inside the waveguide bore of extremely high power systems.


Option letterFinishnote: other finishes are available
Zno finishpreferred for brass
Mpassivateoption for brass
Firiditepreferred finish for aluminium
Hchromate (alochrom)option for aluminium.
Commonly used for military applications